CD Somewhere / Anywhere

This recently released debut album consists of 8 tracks. Ranging from hypnotic and spheric to heavy rock, this album offers a 70-minute journey through modern prog-rock.

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Milky Way Gas Station is:
Rob IJpelaan: vocals, acoustic-, electric-, bass guitar, additional keyboards
Niels Hoppe: lead guitar
Harald Veenker: drums
Jeroen Vriend: bass guitar

Due to their perfectionism, it took a while for this release. 'We can do better', has been the motto for the last few years. Therefore this album could have been released some time ago but at that time didn't live up to the high standards the Gas Station set for itself. One might think that working for five years on only one album is a waste of time. But when people like Joakim Svalberg (Opeth), Lana Wolf (Country Legends and backing vocalist for several bands and artists) or Jan-Peter Bast (Thé Lau, The Scene, a.o.) offer their support for this album, why throw away this opportunity? Yes, this is namedropping but we take, at least a little, pride in having had the opportunity to work with these (and other) magnificent guest musicians. There were however other time consuming factors like a round the world trip of the drummer, re-takes of songs and even re-re-re-takes of songs. And by the time they thought that they were there, the band found out that they were one member short. After intensive search parties, a new band member was found. But, with a new member, came new ideas about the songs. Should we continue to explain or do you get the idea? Anyway, Milky Way Gas Station thinks this album was well worth the wait. It's time to discover for yourself if you agree to that statement. You can find your copy here, on this site in the webshop. But you can also get it at the venues the Gas Station performs or simply download the album from iTunes.